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Visual Arts

Students have the opportunity to develop their creative potential and acquire visual literacy in regard to the visual world and their abilities to symbolize, express and communicate through images. Our art program provides children a variety of cognitive, psychomotor, social and aesthetic experiences as they produce media works using a variety of mediums. Through the years of their elementary experience, students will learn how to criticize critical thinking and develop their aesthetic sense by appreciating their own creations and those of their classmates while making connections with references to other school subjects. Students will benefit from extra time to practice expressing themselves in French. The language of instruction for this specialty, while participating in art class.




Music is the art of combining and producing sounds for the purpose of expression, communication and creation. Our music program will develop the child’s auditory sense and creative potential for working with sound. They will have many opportunities to express themselves and communicate their «musical ideas» by singing, by playing musical instruments (percussions, xylophones, and recorder) and by using the technology (smart board, iPad and CD-ROM composition Finale). Westpark students make use of different stimuli and multiple possibilities of sound sources and musical language.

Experiences in musical education is further developed and enhanced in the older grades with the possibility for them to be part of the Westpark band or to participate in different ensembles (choir, recorder trio, etc.) which provide the music for many of our in school events throughout the year.