Westpark School is a public elementary school offering an early immersion program. Our aim is to provide a quality learning environment which encourages each child to develop to his or her full potential. We are committed to creating an atmosphere which promotes intellectual, social, and emotional growth, and fosters a sense of community within each child. We encourage good citizenship and community involvement.


Our Mission

Westpark School is guided by the principals set forth in our Mission statement:

The mission of Westpark School is to provide a safe and caring community climate which facilitates the personal, academic, spiritual and physical development of the student as life-long learners. The school is dedicated to bringing all students to their individual levels of excellence by providing them with best teaching practices, experiences and role models.

Our ultimate purpose is to help the student become a productive member of a global community who is ready for challenges and to assume responsibility in a rapidly changing world.


Our School-Vision and Orientations

To provide a community school where parents feel welcome to become partners in their child's education, where commitment to learning and success for is uppermost in everyone's thoughts.

A school that provides a safe environment where individual differences are respected and individual talents are discovered and nurtured.


Student Exit Profile

Students will leave Westpark School:

  • confident and competent in reading and writing in both languages
  • respectful and understanding of self and others
  • prepared for secondary school
  • using technological learning skills
  • understanding the importance of health and fitness and living a healthy lifestyle


Our Values

At Westpark School we value:

  • An atmosphere which encourages self-respect and respect for others and the environment
  • The natural curiosity from all members of the community
  • Individual contributions from all members of the community
  • A commitment to life-long learning
  • The right to self-expression balanced by the responsibility of appropriate conduct