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What is the Governing Board?

Westpark's Governing Board serves as the school's main consultative body. Composed of parents, staff members and community representatives, this committee approves policies regarding many areas of school life and is consulted on many important issues.


Who can be on the Governing Board?

Any parent may present him or her self as a Governing Board candidate or nominate another parent at the Parents' Annual General Assembly, which is held in September of each school year (see the school calendar on our website). Members are elected for a two-year mandate. Meetings are held once a month.



The Governing Board is broken down into two categories:

  • Voting
  • Parent representatives - we have 9, each with a 2 year mandate
  • There are 9 school staff, including at least 1 support staff and 1 daycare staff, all with a 1 year mandate
  • Non-Voting
  • Principal and Vice Principal
  • 2 Community Representatives, if available
  • Rules of Internal Management

2022-2023 MEMBERS

Parent Representatives   Staff Representatives

Stuart Becker


Yolanda Galvez

Carrie Carson


Pina Garritano

Alaina Charszan


Margaret GogorisSEED
SEED Daycare & Lunch

Erica Cuthbertson


Sylvie Lepage

MA Davoli


Alia Odubayo

Kelly Gurevitch


Christina Papanayotou

Mark Kashetsky


Deppy Papandreou

Phil Pinsky


Heather White

Jill Taub


Tiffany Uman

Community  Representatives
Cindy Tansky-Litwin   Jodi Toledano
Diana Martire