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Westpark is one of the few elementary schools able to offer an extensive science program that enables students to apply the scientific method of inquiry to discover solutions to problem-based questions. The program intertwines with the world of technology, delivering opportunities of exploration with iPads, computers, mechanics and robotics. In the science-based classroom, the students will learn about science in a way that will help them to understand the world in which we live in and adapt to it. Our program provides students with an introduction to hands-on and interactive scientific activities that make use of intellectual processes like questioning, systematic observation, trial-and-error, experimental investigation, assessment of needs and constraints as well as model building.



Technological development is pervasive and our children should be introduced to the ongoing advances at an early age, as it is essential to learn about this to understand the world we live in and adapt to. Fostering our students to become responsible digital citizens through a variety of lessons and activities that will focus on the importance of developing a positive digital footprint. Through the introduction of many different technology tools such as computers, iPads and robotics at different grade levels, our students will use creativity, a concern for efficiency, rigor, initiative and the ability to think critically.