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Westpark students are fortunate to have access to a vast and varied collection of books in their school library. With thousands of titles, every student finds something that interests them. The collection complements and helps enrich the curriculum through a mix of non-fiction and fiction works, and is updated throughout the year to reflect changes in the needs of the teachers and the taste of the students. The library is also well used outside of class time by daycare, the homework program, and other extra-curricular activities.

Our 21st Century Resource Learning Center

Our library renovations have begun. Our 21st Century Resource Learning Center will be up and running in the fall. Stay tuned, more pictures to come.

Thank you Home and School and all of our community for funding this project. Our students will be able to use different resources to support their education; Books, iPads,  Mini iPads, Chromebooks and let's not forget our Lego Wall. 

Resource Learing Centre

Check here for our progress to date!